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“What ever happened to David Richards?”

During the sixties Mitcham was famous for it's variety of pop groups, “Odz & Enz”, "The GameMud” and “The Act”, to quote a few popular names.  Formed whilst still at Eastfields Secondary, Boys' School, two members of “The Act” built their own Guitars, during woodwork lessons.

The original line-up comprised;

Stuart Aldous Drums/Vocals
Paul Cribb Vocals/Tambourine
David Fromant Bass
David Richards Rhythm
Adrian Tyndale Lead/Vocals

THE ACT in the sixties

            in the 60's

THE ACT in the nineties
in the 90's


Later, fellow Rutlish schoolboy, Jeff Webb joined the group, replacing David Richards on rhythm.  He also doubled with backing vocals complementing Stuart & Adrian.

In 1969 the group recorded four original songs at local R. G. Jones Studios in Morden, Surrey.  The unique acetate demo disk EP's were produced for local song writing team Lesley Blake, Alan Gowing and Terry Brown.  These handful of discs displayed the, later-to-be-famous, “OAK” label and were catalogued EP RG.J407 THE ACT

For “The Act” this was where the tale ended.

Or did it?


Today the group members are all happily married, some with children also in pop groups.  Stuart is well established with British Telecom.  Paul, set on a career in printing, moved out of the area with his firm.  David Fromant. still local, works for London Transport. Jeff Webb, now a supervising Fire Officer in London, still lives locally.  Adrian runs his own company from Wimbledon also is a member of the British Aikido Association National Squad.  Finally the original member. David Richards, his whereabouts not known.

Ironically, it was Adrian's interest in Aikido that took him to Japan in 1993.  Where he represented the UK in an International Tournament, the Squad brought home gold and bronze medals.  Whilst participating Adrian met Australian Aikidoka. Ken & Morita Roberts.  They were involved in the music business in a small way and wanted to expand this.  After the Tournament they travelled to England with a view to approaching suitable recording studios.

Adrian recollected his early days as a “pop star!” and introduced himself, Ken & Morita to Gerry Kitchingham at R. G. Jones Studios now in Wimbledon.  Since “The Act’s” early relationship with R. G. Jones Studios, many, now famous, names have recorded there - David Bowie, Chris Farlow, The Yardbirds, The Herd, The Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard and more recently Mr. Blobby.  It is this popularity coupled with the unique production facilities in the beginning that prompted record collector David Wells to produce a compilation album of those early days.  He contacted Gerry Kitchingham at the studios and was informed that the master tapes of the early days had been destroyed. Gerry suggested that he contacted Adrian of “The Act”; which he did.

Many friends and associates from those early days were contacted and eventually sufficient information and original material retrieved to enable a double album to be produced.  As a result of this album many, re-acquaintances were made.  But sadly David Richards of “The Act” was not located.


click on picture for larger image

For those interested in nostalgia the album is available on 12” vinyl from David Wells of “'Tenth Planet Records".  Catalogue number TP010.

“The Act” would like to make an appeal to the reader regarding the whereabouts of David Richards.

Anyone with information please telephone: 

0044 (0)20-8947 7247

Email: The Act


"The Story of Oak Records 1964-68" is now available on CD from Wooden Hill Studios - Catalogue number WHCD007


Website - Kenny Lynch

1965-68 - "It's Shocking What They Call Us"

1996 - "Still on the Game"



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13 Apr 2016


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